A prostate biopsy ruined my sex life in Granby

Since testosterone the sex hormone is cut off, men often experience fatigue and diminished libido. Counselling is not really an option since, although we are English, we live in France. There is nothing out there that can be tried on him at this point andsince he now has been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia — it merely complicates the possibility of any trial studies that might have been effective.

If you want to and if he wants you to! Physical changes caused by hormone therapy, such as weight gain or breast swelling, may make you feel embarrassed and less interested in sex.

General anesthetic means medicines are used to put you into a deep sleep during the procedure. Benway BM, et al. Learn more about this top honor. The procedure may be done under a local or general anesthetic. Daily MedNews. This is to help prevent infection.

A prostate biopsy ruined my sex life in Granby как

The prostate tissue samples will be sent to the lab for exam. Keep a list of the medicines, vitamins, and herbs you take. Skip to Content. Why might I need a prostate biopsy?

He has no sex drive and cannot get an erection. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer mid last year, and had his prostate removed April While there is little that can be done to help my precious husband — if even one person is spared all he has gone through and what he will go through without a miracle — this post will be worth it.

A prostate biopsy ruined my sex life in Granby

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