Blair and chuck sex fanfic in Hampshire

Stop apologizing. Her head dropped back and she pushed her hips up at him, trying to get more inside her. And he never gave her the chance to figure it out without him. What she did see, it was Chuck pocketing nonchalantly her underwear as he nodded and surrounded her waist with his arm.

Was it her fault that she found strength of character attractive in a man, regardless of his perversity? In the end, he toughens up and opens the door to her room without knocking.

Every part of her body seems to be on fire. Her pussy is gripping his cock so tightly now that he can't hold back any longer. Blair can't stop herself from letting out a loud, long moan. Previous Share Flag Next. Blair's gaze took in his hair and the smile he brushed across against her inner thigh.

So ready and hot for my cock.

Blair and chuck sex fanfic in Hampshire хорошо сиграл

She tallies up these small victories as she moves, back, back, until he's buried to the hilt and her eyes are rolling back into her head. You love for me to use you and fuck you. The sane Blair didn't sleep with womanising assholes. Drama theatre. She tried to breathe, forcing a smile at Kati, Hazel and Iz, laughing a little too late at their barbs, and then tried to remember that she was Blair Waldorf, not some weak, pathetic… girlfriend.

Another round? Blair was midway her mental rant when she felt a warm weight on her knee.

It's how he felt when he found out that had used him for her own purposes, only to gain something insignificant. She thinks about telling him, asking him to stop, but she refuses to back down from this, refuses to give in until it's finished. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he stood with her in his embrace.

Blair couldn't hide her smirk. It's all in her eyes, she loves when he's rough with her.

Blair and chuck sex fanfic in Hampshire

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  • The thing about Chuck and Carter is that they are both of the opinion that nobody loves Blair Waldorf the way they love Blair Waldorf. Love triangles are always so messy. Future fic, set a few years after end of S2. Chuck/Blair/Carter. A/N: graphics on LJ. Turning the corner, she saw Serena's stepbrother, Chuck Bass, with no doubt a fellow lecherous friend, in tow. She had grown up watching him, the older brother of her best friend. Bart and Lily married when Chuck was seven, Blair and Serena were five, and Eric was barely three. So, Chuck became a requisite satellite in their little universe.
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  • Specks in time of Blair/Chuck living in domestic simplicity. Set of 24 drabbles of Blair/Chuck and their kids, meant as sweet fluff while attemping to keep the characters's integrity. 24 drabbles for . Nate/Serena, Chuck/Blair, Dan/Vanessa, Jenny/Andrew and Carter/Penelope are married with teenage kids. This fanfic focuses on their children and the drama in their children's high school lives. Language.
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  • Post Gossip Girl season 3? When Blaire and Chuck were put in the hospital. Revised. Crossover with Buffy. Instead of Anya dying in battle, she's put in the hospital. Anya, Blair, and Chuck are all put in the same hospital. The gang are friends with Blaire and the others. A certain brunette shows. But He's Chuck Bass by Amber Campbell K K 35 When 16 year old Amber moves from her home country, Australia to the Upper-East Side, she becomes friends with Dan,Nate,Serena and Blair but she made a best friend bond.
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  • Blair screamed, but Chuck silenced with his lips on hers. "Chuck," Blair moaned softly as Chuck groaned her name. Their sex on the teacher´s desk turned wild, and Blair´s purrs and moans grew, and Chuck had to kiss her to keep them down. Getting near to cum as Chuck´s hit her clit and Blair´s moan turned into a scream with pleasure. Jul 18,  · This scene set the tone for Chuck and Blair's infinitely whirling, on-again/off-again relationship. Throughout the six seasons of the show, Chuck and Blair take the cake for the hottest sex .
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