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An an evening of stories, poetry and discussion that seeks to find meaning and purpose in a world increasingly random and fearful. The corona of our collective consciousness, so to speak, is that part of our collective consciousness that extends far beyond its surface, which means beyond what we can see in it our mythologies, religions, and cultures and is hugely more impactful.

Presentations are intertwined with journal-writing exercises, interactive and individual meditations, movement, and group sharing.

These are two of the greatest spiritual questions we can ask. As we play with our wonder and doubt, we begin to substitute an obsessive demand for correct answers and secure systems with a creative way of living and loving the questions.

Potential participants will be asked to engage in an intake process before enrolling in the workshop. Learn how to prosper by finding a calling instead of settling for a job. And, swim with the dolphins, hike rainforest trails to 1, ft.

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The Miracle of The Coronavirus - Part 1. You have no job, your child is ill, or and you are angry at being told what to do. To slow the spread of the coronavirus I must isolate myself from you and keep a distance. January 24,

  • When you ignore or repress emotions, you lose important information. It reads:.
  • Welcome to The Seat of the Soul Institute We assist people across the world in creating meaning and purpose, creativity and health, joy and love.
  • Beginning in , he appeared more than 30 times on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss transformation in human consciousness concepts presented in his book The Seat of the Soul. National Book Award.

This is the next step in your journey toward true fulfillment and service. The single most important decision we make is the choice of our partner. The coronavirus illuminates this reality.

Gary zukav sex addiction in Gloucestershire

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