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It may sound just like an attempt to be really poetic, but it works. Sodom Vomit? I have never seen anyone try to answer how this album cover came about though.

Yeah, it shows everything. So we had nothing to lose anyway. COM up having a great relationship with her and the magazine. People have also asked about the weird cover which is the only official album cover painted by another artist than Joe Petagno.

I searched the net for two days now, but I haven't found anything.

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If he thought that he could make Lemmy look bad with his hip, artistic approach or his exemplary vocvabulary skills, he fuckin' failed miserably. Do you think the film will satisfy the hardcore Queen fans? Nobody could handle it, even then; copies of the CD were sold wrapped in black plastic bags.

Usually giggled. Payment is non-refundable after the day cancellation period unle ss exceptional circumstances apply. Are the Wagners responsible for the murders, and godsmack love hate sex pain live in Stoke-on-Trent convicted, will they be executed? When it came to naming it, Mills cast his mind back to the school playground of his youth.

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And the Marlboros? In the words of Michael Mc Intyre : 'Lemmy needs to think about the message that he sends when he identifies himself with that sort of shit nowadays'. Sully Erna , Dave Fortman.

Godsmack love hate sex pain live in Stoke-on-Trent

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