Masters of sex episode summary in Santa Clarita

Ethan learns he's been denied a future job at the hospital but wrongly assumes his breakup with Vivian is to blame. Sheila searches for meaning, Joel investigates a secret society, and Abby struggles with her feelings for Eric.

DePaul takes a more Bill-like approach when speaking again to Chancellor Fitzhugh about funding. Eric and Abby come up with a fracking good plan. Inbetween 32 Mr. She also accuses him of conferring legitimacy upon Johnson because of his sexual attraction to her.

Santa Clarita Diet: Season 2 Trailer.

masters of sex episode summary in Santa Clarita

Libby reveals to Robert she is aware of Bill's infidelity, and the two continue their affair. Retrieved December 4, Libby suffers a miscarriage, a loss that leads Barton to begin to reconcile his relationship with Bill. Virginia decides she needs to emotionally detach herself as well.

In the aftermath of the miscarriage, Libby and Bill vacation in Miami, but Masters is drawn back into his work by a sexually adventurous couple next door, while Libby bites off more than she can chew when she tries to open a dialogue with them.

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Start a Wiki. Call Bill's wife, Libby Masterswants a child, but Bill cannot tell her that his sperm count will make it impossible to conceive a child.

The Movie Network. This leads to a confrontation and a brief physical altercation between the two. What's Trending Today! Feeling he can't be seen at a hospital, he tries to treat himself, but Masters intervenes and stitches him up. Lisa is forced to -- ugh -- get serious.

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Masters of sex episode summary in Santa Clarita

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