Phenice sex estimation in Seattle

Within the pelvis, the morphology of the pubic region is regarded by forensic anthropologists to contain the most reliable indicators for sex estimation. Chapter 8, Observational and metric analysis of sex in the skeleton; p.

The variability of these methods across various populations has also been explored Age Age at death estimations of unidentified remains are dependent on growth and developmental indicators for immature remains and degenerative indicators for adult skeletons. In extreme cases, the marginal osteophytes of articulating vertebrae many exhibit bony union or form a joint-like space at the point where they meet

The quantification and ratio of these structures are the major predicting variables in most histological age estimation methods along with the amount of unremodeled bone in subadults and mean osteon size Jul; 3 3 : — In contrast to the abundance of collections and techniques associated with adult Recalibration of the Klales et al.

Identification of person and determination of cause of death from skeletal remains. Transition analysis of component scores provides statistically phenice sex estimation in Seattle age ranges that are less sensitive to problems resulting from developmental outliers and sample size constraints seen in the percentile method.

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Create Alert. DOI: Using Longbone Length to Estimate Stature It has been generally found that female os coxae are more likely to exhibit a lower level of expression, whereas male os coxae are more likely to have higher levels of expression.

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Geometric morphometric study of population variation in indigenous southern African crania. A re-evaluation of estimation of stature based on measurements of stature taken during life and of long bones after death. While GM can be used to test a variety of hypotheses 46 , 47 , several methods have been developed in recent years to estimate sex and ancestry from cranial, dental, and postcranial information with varying degrees of success 38 , 48 — February 24, This paper discusses arm arrangement variants in dynastic Egyptian mummies, and presents a system of tabulation to aid in chronological assessment.

Observed traits include: shape of the nasal aperture, root, spine, bridge, and sill 42 , 62 , 83 — 87 ; shape of the orbit and interorbital breadth 83 , 85 , 86 ; angle of the midfacial profile and zygomatics 42 ; shape of the zygomaticomaxillary suture 83 , 85 , 86 ; presence or absence of zygomatic tubercles, inion hook, wormian bones, postbregmatic depression, and canine fossa 42 , 62 , 83 , 86 ; shape of the cranial vault and presence and complexity of its sutures 42 , 86 ; palate shape and complexity of its sutures 83 , 85 , 86 ; and shape of the mandible border, rami, and gonial angles 86 ,

Phenice sex estimation in Seattle

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  • Twelve participants scored 50 pubic bones from individuals of known sex aged 52–92 years. The sample is of modern males and females, all presumed whites. An accuracy of ∼83% in determining sex was recorded, compared to 95% reported by Phenice. This accuracy difference may reflect different age distributions of the two by: The Phenice method for the estimation of sex of an individual from the pelvis was tested on individuals of known sex from the Terry collection by an individual with training in the technique.
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  • The Phenice method is a form of gross morphological analysis used to determine the sex of an unidentified human skeleton based on three characteristics of the pelvis: the ventral arc, sub-pubic concavity, and the medial aspect of the ischiopubic is named after T. W. Phenice, who first described the method in a paper. The Phenice method should only be used for adult individuals. I'm Christine, and I will be showing you how to estimate sex in adults by using the three Phenice traits. The three Phenice traits are located all in around the os pubis, which makes up the interior portion of the pelvis. The three traits are very characteristic for either men and women and they were first described by Phenice.
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  • The Phenice method for the estimation of sex of an individual from the pelvis was tested on individuals of known sex from the Terry collection by an individual with training in the technique, but no additional training in forensic anthropology. Sex was correctly estimated in % of all individuals and more accurately estimated in females Cited by: The traits of the pubis described by Phenice (Am J Phys Anthropol 30 () ) have been used extensively by physical anthropologist for sex estimation. This study investigates all three of Phenice's characteristics in an approach similar to Walker's (Am J Phys Anthropol () ) study using observations from the cranium and mandible. The ventral arc, the subpubic contour, and.
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