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A force of nature, she intended to purge the world of the abductees. Start a Wiki. He claimed her crimes were not done of her own free will, but were the result of brainwashing at the hands of a sinister foe.

Though unimpressed with his come-ons, she was forced to throw in with the smug Brit after their bar was attacked by Head Alien and his cronies. Categories :. Initially, she refused to fight back, but her resolve quickly hardened and she finally knocked Tony off the ship.

As the abductees approached Washington D. Half the cast walks around wearing only panties all the time. Sal disappeared during the initial confusion, but resurfaced in time to saved Jason, Joyce, and Walky from the Alien base. Eventually she broke free, leading to a one-on-one fight with her twin brother.

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Meeting Sal sex age location in Bradford there unexpectedly, she is attacked by her and Sal is astounded by the lengths she will go to defend Danny from Sal. No revelation could stop her - not even the revelation that her mother was framed for the death of the Martians.

The major difference is that Sal is aware of this dichotomy of character. She decides to fulfill her promise to Walky and deny any selfish urges otherwise. Apologizing later, the two head for London. Sal later investigated her mother in more detail, and found that Linda had been discharged from government service after this episode, citing mental instability.

Meeting up with Squadron again, Sal has a disagreement with Walky and knocks him out the window.

Mary firmly believes that bad things only happen to bad people, that she and people like her are superior to 'less moral' creatures, and that outward behavior implies inner purity. Jason and Sal made a quick escape and fled for Denver in a commandeered plane. Something dark.

Injured during the escape, Jason needed medical attention, so Sal brought him to an old friend, Mary. Unfortunately, Beef wasn't brainwashed; he had willingly joined JFO because he was frustrated by the attention laid upon her and Walky.

At gunpoint, Penny revealed that their organization was made up of illegal trespassers from another universe led by Jason's father, Dargon Chesterfield.

Sal sex age location in Bradford

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